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During this chaotic time many businesses are finding it difficult to engage with their teams. Streaming live video will play a pivotal role but if not done right, will fall flat and may end up dis-engaging your audience. The last thing communicators want to do is lose the energy and vibe that defines your company culture. A better way would be to produce it, make it powerful, impactful and more like “must see tv” than a boring webinar.

Streamtek offers a cutting edge, cost-effective, yet extremely professional solution for broadcasting to your employees, customers and investors. We’re not an AV company, we’re broadcast professionals and your audience will see the difference. Better yet, no client is too small as we have a wide range of production packages to fit any budget.

Before you schedule your next virtual event, contact us to schedule an online demo and see the StreamTek difference for yourself. Time to stop streaming and start broadcasting.

StreamTek’s breakthrough production model will completely revolutionize the way you think about live video streaming.

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In response to the pandemic sweeping our Country we are offering a 15% discount on all services.

Our primary objective is to aid you in maintaining and growing your business through these chaotic times.

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Features of our live video broadcast service:

Multiple Cameras

Providing your audience with multiple camera angles keeps their attention. It’s just the way our brains are wired.

It’s why so many people complain about the static camera inherent in video conferencing and streaming webinars, Imagine how even a football game would look with only a wide static camera view. Exactly.

Graphics Support

Whether it’s your trusty powerpoint or slick hi-end graphics created by your marketing team, we can integrate any format and file type into your broadcast.

Got animation and motion graphics to show? No problem, we’ll integrate your look with professionalism and flair.

Smart Phone Integration

Our unique production services allow us to grab a live feed from anyone’s smart phone and use it in our live broadcast.

Imagine the options available when your phone becomes a source for your broadcast. The possibilities are endless when cable boundaries are no longer there.


We bring all the sources together and with our trained technical directors at the helm, provide you with a seamless, integrated broadcast.

Multiple camera sources, laptops, remote presenters keep the program moving and StreamTek makes sure it just plain works.

Digital Effects

Our broadcast production model includes effects like split screen, transition elements, video roll ins and even live virtual studio compositing if needed.

All the bells and whistles of a professional broadcast network means your audience will be engaged and stay engaged.

Live Remote Video Feeds

Today’s internet can easily support live HD feeds from multiple remote locations allowing planners to bring in  presenters when there’s a scheduling conflict.

Remote special guests can be seamlessly integrated into your broadcast with a professional look that will simplify your logistics and expand your speaker base significantly.

Location Broadcast

Organizations can easily distribute their live broadcast to monitors and  large event-type displays throughout their event, insuring everyone can catch a glimpse of what’s happening.

Attendees are more connect and presenters capture a larger audience whether it’s viewed on a phone, an exhibit hall monitor, or a laptop in their hotel room.

Online Features

Not only can your online audience view the program but they can also participate through chat services and other options like online polling

Expand your viewers experience with additional bio and tech info, valuable content, and relevant links.

Did we mention the online donation app? Yup, right next to your viewers broadcast screen.

Social Media Presence

Simulcast your event on Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites. We handle the details to make sure you reach your audience where they watch.

Integrate a live Twitter feed into your event and your online audience becomes part of the broadcast. Actual attendees can post pics and share as well.

Low Latency

No noticable what?… Latency! OK, what it means is we’ll broadcast your event in realtime without the annoying delays inherent in most livestreaming platforms today.

It also means we can bring in remote presenters in beauutiful HD (like Nightline) and easily integrate them into your program…nice.

StreamTek has several live video streaming packages that will get you on your way quickly, afford-ably, and yes, hassle free.

Call us today at 720-328-3969 to find out more or schedule a live streaming video demonstration you can view from your pc, tablet, or phone.

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